From the peasant whose day of hard work never seems to end, to the student dragging their feet to school right down to the explorers on a mission, the humble steamed bun has sustained generations of people all across Asia. Tales from my father's childhood inevitably return to the tantalising steamy buns sold on the side of the road, and how even the faintest hint was enough to satisfy his appetite.    

Since coming to Australia, my parents saw that people missed that simple taste of home and started their own business producing handmade, fresh steamed buns. In that first bite, countless customers have been transported  to a nostalgic era where life was good (even if it was a struggle) and food was plentiful (it wasn't). That is the true magic of eating well; life somehow feels as good as the food you eat.  

Growing up I have worked alongside my father making buns and have long dreamed of opening a place where I could share this part of my upbringing and heritage with others, but in the same vein as Frank Sinatra, do it my way. Wonderbao is a new cafe still trying out new things and experimenting with different ingredients to bring you authentic Chinese flavours with something a bit extra on the side.

From the streets of Asia to the laneways of Melbourne, some things never change. All our buns and ingredients are still prepared fresh and handmade everyday. With that comes a flavour so good and so fresh that reminds you time and time again why being food obsessed, and more importantly, obsessed with finding the best in Melbourne never goes out of fashion. Enjoy!

- Andrew Wong



Some say we are just an urban myth, a food fairytale land that doesn’t really exist but only whispered to ears deserving. Don’t be fooled, once you do find us (which you must), you’ll know fairy tales do come true.

“I could buy this whole shop down right now.”
“Get me another one those.”
“I’ll have one of each of everything.”
“Can’t believe I only just found out about this place.”
“I’m coming here everyday now.”
“These are fucking heavenly.”

find us here

Shop 4/19-37 A'Beckett St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

(03) 9654 7887 ‎

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm
Sat 11am – 4pm